It was hard to decide on how to draw Cactuar, lol. The short n’ fat one seemed to work best for me though. The ones in FF14 are so beautifully weird.


cici pillows copy

IDK, just felt like drawing something with a pillow. Cici is the type who would have way too much crap on her bed, though I got too lazy to fully illustrate that, pff.


universal solvent2 copy

Another doodle that got slightly out of hand. It’s kind of annoying that I payed special attention to his lower half, and you can barely see any of it because of the colouring. (I was overly determined to give him nice thighs okay, it’s the way he would want it)

Azoth built up a pretty sweet reputation of destroying shit, usually at night since that’s when he’d feel the most lonely/bored/etc. He behaves himself now, mostly. … mostly.

Really stupid fact: His weird antenna hair is a product of when I was mulling over what to name him eons ago while playing Digimon World. I got a Kunemon and named him Azoth and was like “… PERFECT NAME”.