izumi meph copy

One of my favourite artists when I was a teenager was Rei Izumi, mostly because of the .hack manga. Felt like trying to emulate the style for funsies.



lovely man copy

Finishing anything is stupidly hard the past few months. I’m mostly trying to build myself back up with doodles and junk, blah blah blah.

Jesse is still a beautiful bastard. :Y


cowgirl anika copy

When I went to the grocery store earlier this week, I saw a little girl with a tassle-y purse and cowboy boots on. Thought it was cute, and it reminded me of Anika. :Y


old junk idk what to do with

Attempting a folder clean out. I annoy myself with my habit of scribbling things and naming them very non-descript titles, most of which are either “idk” or “fuck it”. :I
These ones were the most salvageable, and are like… IDK, anywhere from two to four years old? Possibly older.

Also, a little known fact; I really enjoy “body horror”, but very rarely ever actually draw it.


crocclouds copy

B-day gift for my longtime bro. I was torn between which of her OCs to draw because she has so many that I love, lol. Hadn’t drawn her newest mascot/persona, so I chose that.