gengurr2 copy

This was a doodle from years ago I plucked out of my folders to fix up/finish.

The way they coloured Gengar from Red/Blue actually looks better to me than how they colour it now. Something weirdly cool about the blue, some how it makes him look even less trustworthy, lol.

I’d like to think the ghosts in Lavender Town would try and bum things off you, like spooky hobos.



cowgirl anika copy

When I went to the grocery store earlier this week, I saw a little girl with a tassle-y purse and cowboy boots on. Thought it was cute, and it reminded me of Anika. :Y


wren copyarina copy copy

I haven’t done Pokemon Trainer sprites in a bajillion years, lol. Glad to see I haven’t gotten abysmal at it over time.

I’m pretty sure this is the most editing/splicing/etc I’ve done with them before, including having to turn normal Rattata into its Alolan version. None of it was ‘difficult’ really, so that’s always a plus.