wren copyarina copy

I haven’t done Pokemon Trainer sprites in a bajillion years, lol. Glad to see I haven’t gotten abysmal at it over time.

I’m pretty sure this is the most editing/splicing/etc I’ve done with them before, including having to turn normal Rattata into its Alolan version. None of it was ‘difficult’ really, so that’s always a plus.

Kinda forgot if Arina has any other Pokemon or not, pff. Will have to edit that later. :Y


I’ve been wanting to make keychains for a long while now ,and finally did a test print last night.

Saturn was my first unwitting victim. D:
I made him double-sided (printed separately and then glued together) on glossy paper, cut him out and laminated him. The lamination didn’t turn out so smooth on the back (the paper kind of got away from me), but since it’s just a test it doesn’t really matter, lol. Continue reading