old junk idk what to do with

Attempting a folder clean out. I annoy myself with my habit of scribbling things and naming them very non-descript titles, most of which are either “idk” or “fuck it”. :I
These ones were the most salvageable, and are like… IDK, anywhere from two to four years old? Possibly older.

Also, a little known fact; I really enjoy “body horror”, but very rarely ever actually draw it.


wren copyarina copy copy

I haven’t done Pokemon Trainer sprites in a bajillion years, lol. Glad to see I haven’t gotten abysmal at it over time.

I’m pretty sure this is the most editing/splicing/etc I’ve done with them before, including having to turn normal Rattata into its Alolan version. None of it was ‘difficult’ really, so that’s always a plus.


ur a weenie copy

She doesn’t like him or anything, that baka. His shorts are stupid, what spacegirl could possibly fall for them.

… better punch him though, just in case. :Y