Welp, I initially wanted to try to do Inktober, but I don’t really have the energy or equipment for it. So, in compromise, I’m just going to play around with it.
I’m not very good at traditional drawing for a few reasons, most of which revolve around my eyesight and shaky hands, lol. That being said, getting ink all over your hands is pretty fun. :Y

My ink pen is actually more of a brush? Says “brush marker” on it. Can’t recall where I got it from, probably Michael’s though if I had to hazard a guess. I have a bunch of thinner pens too, but they’re a little too thin for heavy inking. They seem to work well in conjunction with each other though.

Sleeping has been a bit odd for me lately, so I’ve been getting up at around 5AM. It’s the perfect time to sit and watch spooky shit on Youtube, and it made me think “oh, I should draw a creepy girl peering in the doorway”. Then I felt that was a little too cliche, so I made her look more shy, pff.



bombay copy

It just occurred to me how annoyed he would be in his hoomanoid form to have a collarbone. How is he supposed to wiggle under doorways now?! … he’d still try.


gengurr2 copy

This was a doodle from years ago I plucked out of my folders to fix up/finish.

The way they coloured Gengar from Red/Blue actually looks better to me than how they colour it now. Something weirdly cool about the blue, some how it makes him look even less trustworthy, lol.

I’d like to think the ghosts in Lavender Town would try and bum things off you, like spooky hobos.