mummy dust copy

I found this manga last night while surfing through titles, and I love it so much. It’s too fucking cute, it makes me wanna punch everything. >:Y



gengurr2 copy

This was a doodle from years ago I plucked out of my folders to fix up/finish.

The way they coloured Gengar from Red/Blue actually looks better to me than how they colour it now. Something weirdly cool about the blue, some how it makes him look even less trustworthy, lol.

I’d like to think the ghosts in Lavender Town would try and bum things off you, like spooky hobos.


izumi meph copy

One of my favourite artists when I was a teenager was Rei Izumi, mostly because of the .hack manga. Felt like trying to emulate the style for funsies.


lovely man copy

Finishing anything is stupidly hard the past few months. I’m mostly trying to build myself back up with doodles and junk, blah blah blah.

Jesse is still a beautiful bastard. :Y